A Gift of Her Own was published November 1st in 1995, not as a comic, but as a children's story book. The text and illustrations are by Wendy Pini, and it is intended for readers age 4-8. It is to be assumed that it takes place after Kings of the Broken Wheel, however it is not considered to be canon with the storyline.


The eight year old human girl, Elmy, has decided to run away from home. She travels up the mountain in the dead of night, until stumbling upon the thorn wall of the Holt. Redlance creates a doorway for her and allows her in, leading her through the branches. Upon entering the grove, the two run into an upset Trinket, and the mischevious twins Ember and Suntop. The three scamper up a tree when Ember hears her father, Cutter, coming through. Though humans are not allowed in the Holt, Redlance and Cutter come to an agreement over sending. Elmy is shocked at how much jewelry the elves wear, and how little value they seem to place in it. She explains that in her world, your very worth is determined by how rich you are, a concept that the elf children do not understand. As she shows them her handmade button necklace, Trinket greedily tries to take it, surprising the human child further. Earlier that day she had been made fun of by wealthy boys for wearing it, and yet now it is saught after by these strange children. Redlance tells Elmy that she is a Maker, someone whose gifts will always be in need by those around her. After climbing back down from the tree, Leetah comes to Elmy and encourages her to continue her dream and become a Maker. The elves bid the girl farewell, and she leaves back through the thorn tunnel she came through.

Copyright InformationEdit

Story and art by Wendy Pini

Published by Warp Graphics, Inc., under its Father Tree Press imprint.

Text and illustrations (c) 1995 by Warp Graphics, Inc.

ISBN 0-936861-38-X

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