Blue Mountain, home of the Gliders, first appears in the third original volume of Elfquest. It reappears in The Seige on Blue Mountain, hence the name. Lord Voll created it as a haven for those decended from the High Ones who still wish to keep the old ways. The majority of wolfriders are taken captive by the Chosen Eight of Blue Mountain after Strongbow shoots down Kureel's fledgling mount. When Dewshine is there, she is Recognized to the "bird-elf", Tyldak. In The Seige on Blue Mountain, almost all of the Gliders, including most of the Chosen Eight, are killed when Winnowill's plan to recreate the Palace in the shape of the Great Egg, a repurposed Blue Mountain. Two-Edge is also killed in the destruction of Blue Mountain. Winnowill, regretably, survived and is left on a deserted island by Tyldak. The wolfriders survived.