Chief is a title used by two seperate tribes of elves, the Go-Backs and the Wolfriders, to denote their leader.



  1. Wear a portion of their hair in a high ponytail, called the chief's lock
  2. Are expected to lead on an adolescent's first hunt [if I'm remembering right?}
  3. Their wolf-companion leads the Hunt


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  1. Timmorn Yellow-Eyes
  2. Rahnee the She-Wolf
  3. Prey-Pacer
  4. Two-Spear
  5. Huntress Skyfire
  6. Freefoot
  7. Tanner
  8. Goodtree
  9. Mantricker
  10. Bearclaw
  11. Cutter
  12. Ember


The Go-Backs are a tribe which did not take the drastic step of crossbreeding with wolves, yet still maintained a hard existence as hunters and gatherers. They have consciously avoided the use of magical powers, finding them debilitating.


Will need to turn this into a non-list format! These are customs that the chiefs follow: they dress a certain way, do certain things, etcetc

  1. Chiefs wear four braids in the front
  2. Chiefs lead female adolescents on a hunt, where they have to take something from the Chief (vague memories here - ref'll be needed


Since the creation of the Go-Backs, there has only been one chief: Kahvi. Unlike the Wolfriders, it does not appear that the title of Chief is passed down through the blood: after Kahvi disappears, Vok, an unrelated elf, takes on the braids.

As such, while it is probable that Venka will lead the Go-Backs after Kahvi dies, it is not certain.