The hunt (over elves) as themselves called demon spawn went on... down through countless generations... Man against surviving elves... on and on, an undying enmity from that first fateful day.



Taut skinned drums throb with rising intensity... roaring flames challenge the angry tints of the evening sky as the Spirit Man's savage chant continues: "We have captured another demon spawn of the Evil Ones (elves). Accept his blood in sacrifice Gotara! We avenge the corruption of our land". "Untold moons ago the Evil Ones invaded our land, twisting the shape of things with their foul magic".

Children of Gotara (some)Edit

These "children" (the humans) adore, warship and love Gotara. They will try anything to avenge Gotara, because of this the humans captured Redlance and tortured him causing infection. After the Wolfriders saved him, they brought him back to the holt. The humans were not done, so they decided to burn the forest, the Wolfriders home, including the humans.

In the middle of the fire, the Wolfriders escaped through a troll cavern! Which left the humans in the burning forest. The humans tried to escape but fire was in their way! After a while (few hours) they built a boat and crossed the river. Some survived, but not all. Only 5 remain in the wasteland. One is very sick and will not last for another week.

Later in there journey they meet the Wolfriders in the desert with the Sun Folk! The Wolfriders are ready to kill, the humans give up. Cutter (chief of the Wolfriders) wanted some answers, the humans told him all they could. Before long the sick human dies of a great fever right in front of the wolfriders! Cutter lets them go on will and anger.

About 15 days until the lasting 4 died! There are others humans who adore and love Gotara, but are decreasing over time.