For the female character of the same name, see Door (female).

Door (original name unknown) was a rock-shaping Glider living in Blue Mountain. At an unknown point, he was turned into a sort of living stone by Winnowill, and used by her as a means to open a section of a rock wall in her chambers whenever she gave the command to do so via Sending. In essence, he became a door. Although he was intended to only respond to Winnowill and Lord Voll, both Strongbow and Cutter force him to open the wall at various times.

During the destruction of Blue Mountain, Cutter saved Door and left him with the Hoan G'Tay Sho, who eventually took him to the Forevergreen Forest. There, he existed in a stupor and let the increasingly corrupt human leaders lead in his name. After the New Blood tribe of elves found him, he was roused from his stupor and was revealed to be (or became) of an evil similar to Winnowill.

He later Recognized Dodia, who killed him after they mated. Dodia had a son by him, Noname who was imprisoned in a cave to prevent him from rock-shaping, and to protect him from the spirit of his father (which existed in Dodia, the rocks around Dodia, or her imagination).