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Ekuar is a master rock-shaper, an advisor and one of the few surviving Firstborn. He acts as Rayek's teacher throughout the series.


Ekuar was one of the Firstborn of the elfin High Ones, captured as a child by trolls. His spirit and body were both chipped away by his harsh treatment at their hands, and by adulthood, Ekuar had lost one arm, one finger, and one leg below the knee as a result of his treatment at the hands of the trolls.

Rayek found Ekuar in the bowels of Greymung's caverns huddled in a dank hole, muttering to himself. Rayek restored Ekuar's strength; in return Ekuar helped Rayek extend his magical powers. A bond formed between teacher and student which was more like father to son.

Although not truly a Go-Back, he did spend several years living among them. At the end of the Djun's War, with Rayek the walking prison for Winnowill's restless spirit, Ekuar accompanied him on his journey. They wandered the World of Two Moons for years, Ekuar's friendship the one bright spark in Rayek's harrowing trek into the future.


Ekuar is a wizened elf who, despite his immortality, appears as an old man without the high stature of his fellow Firstborn. Torture at the hands of the trolls has left him with a missing arm, finger and leg, but the leg has since been replaced with a wooden one.

Ekuar is able to walk with the aid of a wooden leg and a wooden staff and amazingly, despite this brutal treatment, he maintains a peaceful and cheerful personality.