Fire and Flight
Story by

Richard Pini, Wendy Pini

Art by

Wendy Pini

Color by

Wendy Pini



Next comic

Elfquest 2: Raid At Sorrow’s End


Redlance is captured by the savage human tribe who inhabit the Holt-Forest with the Wolfrider tribe of elves and underground trolls. These humans are worshipers of Gotara, who demands a sacrifice from them. Before the elf can be sacrificed, Skywise & Cutter rescue him, and admonish the tribal shaman.

In a fury, the humans set fire to the entire forest, forcing the Wolfriders to flee to the Trolls.

Cutter pleas with Greymung, the frivolous troll king, but instead is tricked and the tribe wanders down a long cave-path until they end up in a wide desert. The Trolls seal him and the Wolfriders out of their cavern, abandoning the elves to their own fate.

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