Elfquest (official abbreviation EQ) also known as ElfQuest: The Original Quest (official abbreviation: OQ) or Original Series is a twenty-part graphic novel following the adventures of the Wolfriders tribe.

Publication historyEdit

Elfquest was first published in the magazine Fantasy Quarterly in February 1978. It was a black and white issue, printed on a rather cheap newsprint, with a barely thicker than newsprint colored cover. This printing featured their first comic Fire and Flight as well as a short story "Doorway to the Gods" between parts one and two of the story. The company folded after the publication however, so there is only a single issue of Elfquest attributed to them.

After this the Pinis started WaRP Graphics and under which they self published Elfquest black-and-white, beginning in 1978 and finishing the series in 1984.

From October 1981 to October 1984 Starblaze Graphics, an imprint of The Donning Company, published a water colored release of the series. The issues were collected in four books, ElfQuest Book 1-4. The watercolors used in this release is preferred by many fans of the series.

In 1985 Marvel reprinted the series with new coloring. They divided it up into 32 issues, which contained additional bridging pages by Wendy Pinny. The additional pages have mostly been incorporated into subsequent prints and online editions.