Eyes High
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Mother of Skywise and Recognized lifemate of Shale, Eyes High was a loner, but asked her mate to be with her for the birth of their son. She watched her lifemate get knocked out of the tree that she sat in; the injury to his back set off her labor, as she felt the pain as if it were her own. The human boys who knocked him down captured her and were to be honored by their elders at a feast to their god. She saw her captors stab Shale in the chest, killing him and part of her. While guarding her in their village, the youths watched her struggle to resist her labor and keep her child from being born. They could not bear to see her and the child be killed in such a way, claiming there was no honor in it, so they spirited her away.


Eyes High bundling her cub

They escaped on a log raft together, and Eyes High gave birth at last, apologizing to Skywise, since she could not bring him close to the sky. She sent to her tribe to watch the river, bundled Skywise in her waterproof cloak, and set him adrift on the river for the tribe to find; she bled to death shortly afterward. One of the boys was killed for their deed and the other, who mourned that he could not save her and his brother, was sent to live in exile. Eyes High's eyes were bright blue, her hair shoulder-length, wavy and blonde, and she wore greens and browns.

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