The Gliders were a small cartel of High-Ones' Firstborn, who locked themselves away in the subterranean caverns of Blue Mountain in an attempt to protect themselves from the vicious world outside. They recreated in exquisite detail their ancestral home, the Palace of the High Ones, but with their seclusion came stagnation.

Their ruler, Lord Voll, was lost in a shroud of melancholic and intangible memories, his once-lovemate, the cruel and sinister Winnowill all but ruling in his stead. The re-introduction of the web-spinning preservers by the Wolfriders reignited Lord Voll's dreams of returning to the Palace. Winnowill could not prevent this, but after Voll's violent death at the hands of the northern trolls, the Gliders abandoned the Wolfriders. Winnowill assumed total control of her people, using their powers to attempt to create a new palace, a great egg, from where the past could be erased (especially the cross-breed Wolfriders), and pure elves could return to the stars. Her twisted dreams ended in the destruction of the six spheres of the egg, in which the Gliders died - leaving only her, Tyldak, Egg and Door.

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