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The Go-Backs are the tribe of elves that live in the far noth of Iceholt. They are descendants of the Wolfriders through Two-Spear, and are by far the fiercest of the tribes. They were engaged for centuries in a war against the trolls over the fate of the Palace.



The Go-Backs have been fighting a war against the trolls as far back as any of them can remember. As such, their culture is very martially-inclined. Everyone is expected to join the battles as soon as they are capable of having children, and the only ones excluded from the battle are the young and the injured. The Go-Backs scorn magic of all kinds, viewing it with suspicion and contempt. They believe that the use of it will only make them weaker, and magic users borne into the tribe are often discouraged from using their abilities.

Prior to planned raids and battles, there is an orgy amongst all of the adult Go-Backs. This is to ensure there are children born to make up for any possible fatalities that may occur during battle. Both warriors and non-warriors are allowed to participate in this.

Notable MembersEdit