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King of the Southern Trolls

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Greymung the Shiftless, was the king of the Southern Trolls. His kingdom lay beneath Goodtree's Rest, the Wolfrider Holt at the beginning of the Elfquest series.

History Edit

The Southern Troll kingdom was created when Greymung led a rebellion against Guttlekraw and his Northern Trolls. During Mantricker's reign, he forged a trade agreement with the Woldriders. The trolls would provide the elves with metal weapons, whilst the latter would provide the trolls various game and foodstuffs.

When the savage humans tribes burned Holt to the ground, the Wolfriders sought shelter in Greymung's domain. Greymung later ordered the elves stranded in the desert, hoping to cause their deaths.

Greymung was later killed and eaten by the Northern Trolls, when they overthrew his kingdom.

Personality Edit

Greymung's relationship with the elves was better characterized as maliciously passive aggressive as opposed to the outright aggression displayed by Guttlekraw and the Northern Trolls. While Guttlekraw attacked the elves directly.