Chronological and political information

King of the Frozen Mountains

Guttlekraw was the King of the Mountain Trolls, who overtook and enslaved the trolls led by Greymung. He was later overthrown by Picknose.

Long ago, many trolls lived together in peace in the northlands of the world of two moons. For many generations, the trolls had a space undisturbed where they could dig roots, grow mushrooms, and mine for precious jewels and ore to forge.But a climatic shift made their planet colder and colder, and the trolls were faced with the onset of an Ice-Age. Glaciers advanced into their lands and gradually forced the trolls south. The frigid climate eventually created too much hardship for the hungry trolls, and Greymung split his family away from the trolls of the icelands, and led them into the forest.

While the cavetrolls of the forestlands had found a welcoming land of plenty, the cavetrolls of the icelands grew increasingly bitter, and eventually ambushed Greymung and enslaved the trolls who broke apart.

In ElfQuest, Greymung is the leader of the ice trolls who are at odds with the Go-Backs, led by Kahvi. Guttlekraw stands in the way of all that the combined forces of Lord Voll, the Go-Backs, and the Wolfriders long for. His troll forces were tougher than usual elves, and only with the help of two-edge, did the elves manage to defeat Guttlekraw. Thus, he is the anti-thesis of all that the Palace of the High Ones represents to the elves.