ElfQuest: Hidden Years (official abbreviation: HY) is the fourth collection of Elfquest stories, a 29-part series (plus a "Holiday Special").

It takes place after ElfQuest: Kings of the Broken Wheel has culminated, which chronologically occupies the space of time between where the humans were primitive until the time of human civilization on the world of two moons. It has a decidedly "what if" flavor and fills in many of the blanks concerning the members of the Wolfriders family who were not mentioned in the Original ElfQuest. It also retells the very origin of The High-Ones to this planet in ElfQuest: Hidden Years #9 & 10.

No. Title Summary
1. Wolfwood Strongbow's story.
2. Going Back Kahvi and Tyldak lead the Go-Backs to Sorrow's End.
3. Little Patch Tyleet adopts the human Little Patch.
4. Right of Passage Ember seeks independence from her father.
5. Starfall, Starrise The story of Skywise's birth.
6. How Shall I Keep From Singing, Part 1 The High Ones come to Abode.
7. How Shall I Keep From Singing, Part 2 The surviving High Ones battle Haken for the Palace.
8. Daughter's Day Rayek goes on his first hunt without magic.
9. The Enemy's Face Rayek and Leetah's youth.
9.5.  Rogue's Challenge A "Holiday Special"
10. Shards, Part 1
11. Shards, Part 2
12. Shards, Part 3
13. Shards, Part 4
14. Shards, Part 5
15. Shards, Part 6
16. First Step
17. Something Old, Something New
18. Thick-Coming Fancies
19. Mouse Hunt
20. When Head Meets Head