Madcoil was the hideous result of the human and elves' continued animosity. It was the twisted fusion of a giant anaconda and wildcat who devoured each other where the Wolfriders abandoned all hope of a human-friendship.

Madcoil is an enigmatic legend of the Wolfriders and readers of WaRP comics, mostly because his demise was the very first event preceding ElfQuest number 1. Madcoil killed both of Cutter's parents.

This morbid creature is said to be part cat and part snake, with an enormous tail, two ferocious claws, and a head greater than a grizzly bear's.

The forest became infested with Madcoil's presence, as all living creatures who wandered into his territory mysteriously vanished.

Beyond all of its physical ferocity, the most horrific element of Madcoil is that it was rumoured to be able to Send, and thus a hunter who was confronted with Madcoil must see into its nature before defeating the beast.

After the death of his parents, Cutter resolved with the Wolfriders to ensnare Madcoil with a net, then he jumped upon the beast from above, with New Moon, the dagger given Cutter from his father Bearclaw.

This blade he used to deliver the death-blow against Madcoil, straight through its Sauronian eye, exclaiming "I KNOW YOU".

Madcoil's victimsEdit

Rain (first victim)






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