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Weaver, seamstress, gatherer, and water-bearer

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Newstar is the daughter of Woodlock and Rainsong, and has been described as one of the elfiest elves in Elfquest.


Newstar is the daughter of Woodlock and Rainsong, the sister of Wing and Mender, the niece of Pike and the cousin of Sust.

Up until his death in the Invasion of Sorrow's End, she was the lifemate of Lutei. She was also the mother of Kimo, and the aunt of Serrin.

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Newstar is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious members of the Wolfriders. Very little is known about the elf behind dreamy smiles, and it has been said that Newstar is "... one of the "elfiest" elves we have!" [see The Big Elfquest Gatherum]. Like her parents and siblings, Newstar found in the peace and serenity of the Sun Village a place to call home, a child of the desert unwilling to return with the rest of the Wolfriders to the forests. It is known that Newstar Recognized a Sun-Villager named Lutei, killed during the Go-Backs' invasion. Their son, Kimo, was himself mortally wounded during the battle, and Newstar chose to join him in wrapsleep to await the return of Leetah, and the healing of her son. After the war with the Djun and the rebirth of the Palace, she finally decided to return with Cutter's new tribe to the woodlands of her birth. Newstar was the firstborn of Rainsong and Woodlock, and was six years old when the fire occurred. Like her siblings, she grew up in the safety and comfort of the Sun Village.

After the invasion of the Sun Village, she left with the other Villagers to live in the Palace. It is unknown when she Recognized Lutei, or when she gave birth to Kimo.