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Sun Folk

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Leetah(former), Kahvi(former)

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Master of the Palace of the High Ones

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Rayek, born into the Sun Folk of Sorrow's End, renounced all tribal associations and became Master of the Palace of the High Ones.

Character SketchEdit

Rayek, whose name means "child of the rocks", had long been the chief hunter of the Sun Folk. Lifelong friends and lovemates with Leetah, they spent nearly 600 years together before Cutter's arrival forever changed Rayek's world. After his failure to win Leetah's hand in the Trial of the Hand, Head, and Heart, Rayek lost everything and left the Sun Village to find a place of his own. Restless and brooding, Rayek must be first in all things, or feel he is nothing. The stabilizing influences in Rayek's life have been Savah, the Sun Folk's elder and leader; Venka, his daughter by Go-Back chief Kahvi; and most importantly Ekuar the old, crippled rockshaper he rescued from the Trolls. Their loving support has allowed him to face the pain he had caused, to help heal himself and others.

Rayek is often perceived as a villainous character, but he is not evil as Winnowill is evil, but rather narrow-minded in his quest to shape the world as he truly feels it should be. His overweening ego blinds him to others' true needs and wants, and in his passion and focus, he has caused discord.

Among the vile acts layed at his feet are the banishment of the Go-Backs, where, in his rage at discovering they had allowed Ekuar to be re-captured by trolls, he nearly killed Kahvi and - unknowingly - his infant child.

However, Rayek is capable of acts of extreme selflessness and good.

The only thing that has rivaled the Palace for Rayek's attention was Winnowill. No greater love, or self sacrifice could ever be demonstrated than that of Rayek's absorption of Winnowill's spirit to save both her and the World of Two Moons. Rayek could not risk Winnowill seizing control of the Palace. He now wanders the world with Ekuar, wearily fulfilling his job as both Winnowill's jail and jailer.