A group of elves who left the forests for the plains, and established the Sun Village after prosecution by humans.


The leader of the Rootless Ones, and Savah's lifemate. He and Savah Recognized while she was young, and immediately became lifemates.


The matriarch of the Sun Villagers, and the only surviving Rootless One. She was twelve when the Rootless Ones first began searching for a new home, and lifemated with Yurek while still quite young.[1]


Savah's mother. Little is known about her, except that she Recognized her cousin, Maalvi, and was the mother of the first Sun Villagers.


Little is known about Maalvi, save that he was the cousin of Hasbet. His and Hasbet's children were the first Sun Villagers. [2]


Dreen was a young boy that was adopted by Hassbet. Little is known about him, save that he was younger than Savah at the time that the Sun Village was established.

  1. Journey to Sorrow's End, p. 195 "Though I was newly of an age to bear children, I had already recognized Yurek as my lifemate."
  2. Journey to Sorrow's End, p. 195

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