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Windkin (adopted), Pool


Dewshine and Tyleet (three-mating)

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Scouter is the scout of the Wolfriders tribe, three-mate of Dewshine and Tyleet, adopted father of Windkin, and father of Pool.

Scouter's soul name is Jial and is known by Dewshine and Tyleet.

Character SketchEdit

Scouter has the sharpest eyes of all the Wolfriders. It is from his keen eye sight that he gains his name. Scouter is steadfast, loyal, and often overprotective. He is extremely intolerant of anyone, tribemates included, whom he perceives as putting his loved ones in jeopardy. Dewshine and Scouter have been lovemates for most of their lives, yet are not Recognized. When Dewshine unexpectedly Recognized the shapechanged Glider, Tyldak, Scouter had a difficult time accepting it, yet because of his love for Dewshine, he pledged to be a father to Dewshine's cub.

Two years later, however, Dewshine sensed that Scouter still felt like an "outsider" where the cub was concerned. As remedy, when she went into labor, she told her lovemate that she wanted only his help in bringing the new cub into the world. Her wisdom paid off: Scouter accepted the cub, named Windkin, as his own, fighting for him as fiercely as a blood-father. Ten thousand years later, when Scouter Recognized Tyleet, Dewshine rejoiced. Scouter was to finally have a cub of his own. Later they formed a three mate bond and voluntary exchanged soul names. They are now raising their son, Pool, at Howling Rock Holt.

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