Siege at Blue Mountain 1
Story by

Richard Pini, Wendy Pini

Art by

Wendy Pini

Color by

Wendy Pini



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Siege at Blue Mountain 2


United with the PalaceEdit

Rayek became a student of The High-Ones in the Palace after the conclusion of the Original ElfQuest. With Timmain's gentle assistance, he can access all that the Scroll of Colors has kept secret. He receives glorious visions of a race of superior beings and is so enchanted by the drama of this story that he neglects the needs of his body.

Kahvi has moved the Go-Backs closer to the Palace and feeds Rayek dutifully. From the onset of this series, she is pregnant with Venka. She and her tribe feel at home in the Palace. However, because they have abandoned the way of recognition, they are simply incapable of appreciating the Palace the same way as do Rayek, Leetah, or Lord Voll, who is now deceased but living with the family spirit departed elves, in combinance with The High-Ones, the forefathers of the elves.

Two EdgeEdit

The Presence of the Palace brings Two-Edge the vivid memory of the moment when his mother Winnowill kills Smelt, then Prince of the Trolls. His visions give way to madness, and he finally erupts, declaring "I AM YOUR SON" and grabbing Rayek's calf and achilles heel. So, this develops into a lasting friendship between Two-Edge and Ekuar, who is Two-Edge's coach three issues later.

A New HoltEdit

While Cutter learned of certain eternal assurances for himself and his parents, Bearclaw and Joyleaf, he actually rather enjoys the serenity of being in THE NOW while raising his family in the forest.

In EQ, SaBM#1, we find Ember and Suntop adapting to the hunt and soon become native Wolfriders. Likewise, originally Go-Backs warriors, Skot & Krim have become newly-inducted Wolfriders.

Aroree's ReturnEdit

Although Skywise is earlier friends with Aroree (SEE ORIGINAL EQ #13), a visit from her in the Wolfriders' new Holt is unwelcome. Skywise still has too many hard feelings against all of the Gliders, except Lord Voll, for having abandoned the Wolf Riders against a cruel fate of the powerful Ice-Trolls.

Aroree calms Skywise down and explains to him that with Voll gone, Winnowill has been torturing and subjugating the rest of the Gliders. Tyldak has become his prisoner. Skywise understands, and decides to bring Aroree into a council with the Wolfriders.

It becomes evident that even though Aroree has left Blue Mountain, she is not outside the mind-influence of Winnowill. When Dewshine presents herself with Windkin , still an infant, Aroree without hesitation or consideration, quickly snatches up the Child, kidnapping him with the intention of using him as a bargaining tool for her own abdication from the Gliders. From this, Skywise gains a bad reputation from the rest of the Wolfriders

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