Timmorn Yellow-Eyes
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Rahnee the She-Wolf Laststar, Journey, Three-toe, Frost, Glowstone, Mosshunter, Rustruff, Sharpears, Treewalker

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Timmorn Yellow-Eyes was the first chief of the Wolfriders and father of Rahnee the She-Wolf. He is the son of the High One Timmain and an Abodean wolf.


The first of all the Firstborn, Timmain brought him to the other High Ones after a long departure from them, when he was a few years old.

Timmorn Recognised many pure-blooded elven females and is the ancestor of all living Wolfriders. His first successful Recognition was with Valloa after a longtooth hunt in which she was injured. He licked her wound and felt the magic that made her and asked her what her name was "in the blood". She responded with Murrel. His first child was Laststar. He later Recognized Valloa again and she bore Rahnee She-Wolf. Timmorn also Recognized Seilein, although their child is unknown, as well as Selnac, Kaslen and others.

Timmorn died sometime after giving the chieftainship over to Rahnee and after she had lead the tribe for many turns. Before he died he gave her the "hunt", the wolves with elf blood in them. These wolves have less than 1/4 elf blood, but are able to send to their elf-friend, and are the ancestors of today's Wolfrider wolves.


Timmorn was tall, easily matching the High Ones and Firstborn in height, and lanky. He was the most lupine of the Wolfriders, due to his direct heritage, and was covered in thick red fur. He had yellow eyes, wore relatively little clothing and hunted with the wolves.

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