A member of the Go-Backs tribe of elves. While fighting for the Palace he was injured and healed by Leetah, though during the final battle he was mortally wounded.

In life, Yif was fond of weapons and fighting with them. He favored a sword in all of his fights and was among the strongest of the Go-Back warriors.

After the final battle, Yif was found mortally wounded. He spent his final moments with his tribal chieftess Kahvi, declaring he did his best fighting in that final battle, asking if their tribe had learned to fight so fiercely from their allies the Wolfriders. Kahvi affirmed they indeed learned to fight their best from the Wolfriders and the Go-Backs would then show how to keep a prize that was bravely fought for. Yif asked his chieftess to place his body in the circle of fallen braves so he may receive his funeral honors.